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          Andron Andronic 2060 G Codes & M Codes

          Andron andronic 2060 complete G codes & M codes list for cnc machinists who work on cnc machines with?Andron andronic 2060 cnc controls.

          Andron Andronic 2060 CNC Control

          G Codes Andronic 2060

          G CodeFunctions
          G00Positioning in rapid traverse
          G01Positioning at the feed rate
          G02Circular interpolation – Clockwise
          G03Circular interpolation – Counterclockwise
          G04Dwell time
          G05Spatial arc interpolation
          G14Macro call
          G17Plane XY
          G18Plane ZX
          G19Plane YZ
          G22Sub program call
          G23Text – Functions
          G25RTCP H On/Off
          G26Free plane
          G29Axis transformation
          G30Spline interface (online spline)
          G305P5-Interpolation (Online Polynomial)
          G31 – G35Spline interface (offline spline)
          G40Deletion of the milling cutter radius correction
          G41Milling cutter radius correction left
          G42Milling cutter radius correction right
          G43Milling cutter radius correction up to
          G44Milling cutter radius correction via
          G50Deactivate PRESET
          G51activate PRESET
          G52program PRESET
          G53Deletion of the zero offset
          G54 – G59Zero offset and coordinate rotation
          G70Units of measurement inch
          G71Units of measurement mm
          G72Deletion of mirror image machining and scaling
          G73Mirror image machining
          G77Cycle execution on a circle
          G78Point definition
          G79Cycle execution
          G81Drilling cycle
          G83Deep-hole drilling cycle
          G84Tapping cycle
          G87Rectangular pocket milling cycle
          G88Slot milling cycle
          G89Circular / ring pocket milling cycle
          G90Absolute measure
          G91Relative measure
          G92Relative zero point offset coordinate rotation
          G93Absolute zero point offset coordinate rotation
          G94Speed programming
          G95Time programming
          G110PLC Output setting
          G111PLC Output deleting
          G181Probe calibration
          G182Distance measurement
          G183Straight line probing
          G184Shaft probing
          G185Bore probing
          G186Point measurement
          G187Measuring plate calibration
          G188Tool length measuring plate
          G189Tool breakage control measuring plate
          G190Absolute circle center
          G191Relative circle center
          G281Ramp participation
          G282,0Switching workpiece coordinate system WCS / machine coordinates system MCS
          G282,1Resynchronising axis positions of active NC processes
          G282,2Modulo on / off
          G283Multi-axis probing
          G285Probe SETPOS
          G286Look Ahead Switch On/Off
          G288Set Look Ahead parameters
          G288,0LookAhead basic parameter
          G288,1time-based axes
          G288,2Rounding axis
          G288,3Contour accuracy of individual axes
          G288,4Time base factor is axis-specific
          G289Multi-function cycle
          G289 CDisable execution of external cycles
          G289 EError Exit from G&M code
          G289 LTool length correction
          G289 NReload PRCON
          G289 RAdopt tool radius
          G289 XAdopt measurement values
          G289 ZEnabling of G73 / G93 with cycles
          G481Bore setup
          G481SE01 setup 2 bores
          G481SE02 setup 4 bores
          G482Shaft setup
          G482SE03 Setup 2 shafts
          G482SE04 Setup 4 shafts
          G483Setup slot/rectangular pocket inside
          G484Setup slot/rectangle outside
          G485Setup 2 sides
          G487Determine space point
          G488Simple measurement block
          G581Continuous operation cycle rotation
          G582Continuous operation cycle oscillation
          G585Position log
          G586Activation of job list processing
          G586Job list processing
          G587I Variable -> PLC
          G587O Set feed/spindle potentiometer
          G589Approach reference point
          G688Setup command – Workpiece Machining
          G688,2Surface plane milling
          G688,3Frame milling
          G688,10Thread milling
          G781Calibration OFFSET
          G781,1Spindle offset
          G782Read/write data of the CNC
          G782,0 / ,1Data of the tool management
          G782,0 I/RRead data of the CNC
          G782,0 EAdjust error reaction cycles
          G782,1Write data of the CNC
          G782,2Read PLC variables
          G782,3Write PLC variables
          G782,4Read axis position
          G782,5Read definition of the external cycle interface
          G782,6Reading the execution definition of the external cycle interface
          G782,8Read sercos parameter
          G782,9Checking the assignment of communication variables
          G782,10Reading the active offsets
          G783,0Read/Write zero points
          G784,0Read in communication variable
          G784,1Emit communication variables
          G787Apaptive Control
          G788,1Probing the surface Z axis
          G788,2Corner and angle against the positive X axis
          G788,3Rectangle centre point and angle against X – individual measurement
          G788,5Rectangle centre point and angle against X – follow-up measurement
          G788,10Detecting the surface using 3 points (optional)
          G789Timer cycles

          M Codes Andronic 2060

          M CodeFunctions
          M00Programmed stop
          M01Optional stop
          M02End of program
          M03Spindle 0 On (clockwise)
          M04Spindle 0 On (anticlockwise)
          M05Spindle stop
          M06Tool change (active spindle)
          M07Coolant 1 On (not according to DIN 66 025)
          M08Coolant 2 On (not according to DIN 66 025)
          M09Coolant Off
          M10Clamping On
          M11Clamping Off
          M12Pallet change
          M13Spindle 0 On, clockwise rotation and coolant 1 On
          M14Spindle 0 On, counterclockwise rotation and coolant 1 On
          M19Spindle stop with defined end position; angular position at “S” in degrees
          M30End of program with spindle 0 Off
          M50Coolant 3 On
          M51Coolant 4 On
          M67Open collet
          M68Close collet
          M69Open tool gripper (variable pocket code)
          M70Close tool gripper (variable pocket code)
          M99End of program with neutral position approach
          M100Programmed stop with optional restart position
          M103Spindle 1 On clockwise
          M104Spindle 1 On anticlockwise
          M105Spindle 1 stop
          M106Tool change in spindle 1 (reserved M command)
          M121Unclamp pallet
          M122Clamp pallet
          M123Manual pallet change
          M203Spindle 2 On clockwise
          M204Spindle 2 On anticlockwise
          M205Spindle 2 stop
          M206Tool change in spindle 2 (reserved M command)
          M303Spindle 3 On clockwise
          M304Spindle 3 On anticlockwise
          M305Spindle 2 stop
          M606Manual tool change from tool magazine
          M610Read tool data from PLC
          M611Prepare tool magazine
          M640Start position log
          M641Stop position log

          Address Letters

          NBlock number (optional)
          GPath condition
          APath information A axis
          BPath information B axis
          CPath information C axis
          XPath information X axis, dwell time
          YPath information Y axis
          ZPath information Z axis
          I, J, KInterpolation parameters, circle center
          FFeed rate, time for G95 (inverse time programming)
          OOutput address
          DAdditional information (cutting edge correction table)
          EAdditional information on the PLC
          SSpindle speed
          TTool number
          MMachine function
          QParameter programming
          WCommand extension

          Special Signs

          ;The rest of the line is interpreted as a comment
          [ ]Jump mark, index at FlexProg
          /*…*/Encapsulated comment at FlexProg
          ( )Comment, function bracket at FlexProg