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          Denford Mirac PC CNC Lathe G & M Codes

          The Denford Mirac PC is a versatile 2 axis CNC bench turning centre, ideal for all levels of education and technical training.
          Here is complete list of Denford Mirac PC CNC Lathe G & M Codes.

          Denford Mirac PC CNC Lathe

          Denford Mirac PC CNC Lathe

          Mirac PC G-Codes List

          G CodeFunction
          G00Positioning (Rapid Traverse)
          G01Linear Interpolation (Feed)
          G02Circular Interpolation CW
          G03Circular Interpolation CCW
          G20Inch Data Input
          G21Metric Data Input
          G28Reference Point Return
          G40Tool Nose Radius Compensation Cancel
          G41Tool Nose Radius Compensation Left
          G42Tool Nose Radius Compensation Right
          G50Work Co-ordinate Change / Max. Spindle Speed setting
          G70Finishing Cycle
          G71Stock Removal in Turning – X
          G72Stock Removal in Facing – Z
          G73Pattern Repeating
          G74Peck Drilling in Z Axis
          G75Grooving in X Axis
          G76Multiple Thread Cutting Cycle
          G81Deep hole drilling (No FANUC)
          G90Diameter Cutting Cycle A (Outer/Inner)
          G92Thread Cutting Cycle
          G94Cutting Cycle B (End Face Cycle)
          G96Assessed Surface Speed Control
          G97Assessed Surface Speed Control Cancel
          G98Feed Per Minute
          G99Feed Per Revolution
          Denford Mirac PC CNC Lathe G Codes M Codes

          Denford Mirac PC CNC Lathe G Codes M Codes

          Mirac PC M-Codes List

          M CodeFunction
          M00Program stop
          M01Optional stop
          M02End of program
          M03Spindle forward (clockwise)
          M04Spindle reverse (counter clockwise)
          M05Spindle stop
          M06Automatic tool change
          M08Coolant on
          M09Coolant off
          M10Chuck open
          M11Chuck close
          M13Spindle forward and coolant on
          M14Spindle reverse and coolant on
          M25Tailstock quill extend
          M26Tailstock quill retract
          M30Program stop and reset
          M38Door open
          M39Door close
          M40Parts catcher extend
          M41Parts catcher retract
          M62Auxiliary output 1 on
          M63Auxiliary output 2 on
          M64Auxiliary output 1 off
          M65Auxiliary output 2 off
          M66Wait for auxiliary output 1 on
          M67Wait for auxiliary output 2 on
          M76Wait for auxiliary output 1 off
          M77Wait for auxiliary output 2 off
          M98Sub program call
          M99Sub program end and return