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          G & M Codes AMADA AE255NT AE2510NT CNC Turret Punch Press

          AMADA AE NT Series CNC Turret Punch Press G-Codes and M-Codes for cnc machinists who work on Amada AE255NT / AE2510NT?CNC turret punch presses.

          AMADA AE255NT CNC Turret Punch Press

          G Codes AMADA?CNC Turret Punch Press

          G CodeDescription
          G00Linear interpolation cancel
          G01Linear interpolation start
          G06Designation of worksheet thickness and material
          G20/G21Inch/metric select function
          G26Bolt hole circle [BHC]
          G28Line at angle [LAA]
          G29Arc [ARC]
          G36Grid-X [GRD-X]
          G37Grid-Y [GRD-Y]
          G50Home retract
          G66Shear proof [SHP]
          G67Square [SQR]
          G68Nibbling arc [NBL-A]
          G69Nibbling line [NBL-L]
          G70Punch off (No punching)
          G72Pattern origin
          G73Symmetry (option)
          G78Punching arc [PNC-A]
          G79Punching line [PNC-L]
          G90Absolute programming
          G91Incremental programming
          G92Establishing coordinate system
          G93Offset-1 [OFS-1]
          G94Offset-2 [OFS-2]

          AMADA AE2510NT CNC Turret Punch Press

          M Codes AMADA?CNC Turret Punch Press

          M CodeFunction
          M00Program stop
          M01Optional stop
          M02Program end
          M08Beginning of punching completion signal delay
          M09End of punching completion signal delay
          M10Work hold and unclamp
          M11Work hold and release
          M12Nibbling pattern
          M13Press mode cancel
          M30End of tape
          M31Rear workholder and cassette cylinder lower
          M32Side table bearings lower
          M33Loading command
          M34Unloading command
          M35Job search end
          M36Unloading preparation command
          M37Penultimate worksheet signal
          M38Job end signal
          M39Total job end signal
          M80Workchute open
          M81Workchute close
          M96Subprogram recall command
          M97Subprogram end command
          M120Mild mode on
          M121Mild mode cancel
          M500Punching pattern (punch without shear angle)
          M501Punching pattern (punch with shear angle)
          M502 to M505 M570 to M575Knockout pattern
          M506 to M509Slitting pattern
          M510 to M559 M800 to M999Forming pattern
          M560 to M569Marking pattern
          M681 to M683Punching speed
          M686Punching speed command cancel
          M687Standby position compensation cancel (for forming patterns)
          M690Press air blow
          M691Press air blow cancel
          M692Press raise
          M693Press raise cancel
          M696NEX tool punching mode on
          M697NEX tool punching mode cancel