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          GTCNC-150iM-II G Codes M Codes Program Instructions

          ?GTCNC-150iM-II G Codes M Codes

          GREAT-150iM-II or GTCNC-150iM-II G Codes M Codes for Milling Machine & Machining Centers

          GTCNC-150iM-II G Codes M Codes

          G Codes

          G CodeDescription
          G00Rapid positioning
          G01Linear interpolation
          G02Circular/helical interpolation CW
          G03Circular/helical interpolation CCW
          G15Cancel polar coordinates instruction
          G16Polar coordinates instruction
          G17Select X-Y plane
          G18Select Z-X plane
          G20Inch input (English system)
          G21Millimeter input (metric system)
          Return to the first reference point
          Return to 2nd ,3rd ,4th reference point
          G26ZXY axes return to program original point
          G261X axis return to program original point
          G262Y axis return to program original point
          G263Z axis return to program original point
          G40Cancel tool radius compensation
          G41Tool radius compensation, left
          G42Tool radius compensation, right
          G43Tool length positive compensation
          G44Tool length negative compensation
          G45Tool offset value increase
          G46Tool offset value decrease
          G47Increase by twice of the tool offset value
          G48Decrease by twice of the tool offset value
          G49Cancel tool length compensation
          G37Cancel scaling
          G36Enable scaling
          G12Cancel programmable mirror
          G11Enable programmable mirror: realize symmetric machining.
          G52Local coordinate system
          G53Machine coordinate system
          G54Work coordinate system 1
          G55Work coordinate system 2
          G56Work coordinate system 3
          G57Work coordinate system 4
          G58Work coordinate system 5
          G59Work coordinate system 6
          G60Accurate positioning
          G64Continual path working
          G68Coordinate rotation
          G69Cancel coordinate rotation
          G73Deep hole drilling cycle
          G74CCW pecking deep hole tapping cycle
          G76Finished boring cycle
          G80Canned cycle cancel/external operated function canceling.
          G81Drilling cycle
          G82Chip removal drilling cycle or counter boring cycle
          G83Chip removal drilling cycle
          G84CW peck deep hole tapping cycle
          G85Boring cycle
          G86Boring cycle
          G87Boring cycle
          G89Boring cycle
          G90Absolute program
          G91Increment program
          G92Set work coordinates or suppress the max speed of spindle
          G94Feed per minute
          G95Feed per revolution
          G98Canned cycle return to original point: apply to final drilling
          G99Canned cycle return to R point: apply to hole drilling at the first time
          G22Program cycle command
          G800Cancel Program cycle command
          G65Non-mode calling for macro program
          G66Mode calling for macro program
          G67Cancel Mode calling for macro program
          G180—G189User self defined macro program

          M Codes

          M CodeDescription
          M02Program end, stop auto run (default is M02)
          M30Program end, turn off spindle and cool
          M00Program pause, press “run” to continue run
          M20Program end, repeated executes program according to running times set in parameter, applied to test CNC
          M98Sub-program calling
          M99Sub-program end
          M97Program skip
          M03Spindle CW
          M04Spindle CCW
          M05Spindle stop
          M06/M16Exchange tool
          M08Turn on cool
          M09Turn off cool
          M10Tighten tool
          M11Loosen tool
          M24Turn off blowing
          M25Turn on blowing
          M32Turn on lubrication
          M33Turn off lubrication
          M41User self-defined turn on
          M42User self-defined turn off
          M43User self-defined turn on
          M44User self-defined turn off
          M45User self-defined turn on
          M46User self-defined turn off
          M47User self-defined turn on
          M48User self-defined turn off
          M49User self-defined turn on
          M50User self-defined turn off
          M51User self-defined turn on
          M52User self-defined turn off
          M53User self-defined turn on
          M54User self-defined turn off
          M55User self-defined turn on
          M56User self-defined turn off
          M57User self-defined turn on
          M58User self-defined turn off
          M61Spindle top gear shift (the first)
          M62Spindle low gear shift(the second)
          M63Spindle 3rd gear shifting
          M64Spindle 4th gear shifting
          M317Clear X-axis of machine coordinates
          M318Clear Y-axis of machine coordinates
          M319Clear Z-axis of machine coordinates
          M320Clear all axes of machine coordinates including X,Y(C),Z,A,B

          Program Instruction

          File No.
          Program block No.N
          Preparation functionG
          Auxiliary functionM
          Tool selectionT
          Tool compensationH D
          Spindle functionS SP
          Cutting speedF
          Coordinates characterX Y Z A
          Center coordinatesI J K
          Step lengthR
          Delay timeP
          Program entranceP
          Repeat timesL