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          Hurco CNC Software WinMax Free Download

          Hurco WinMax Free Download

          CNC machinists can free download desktop version of WinMax 9 from Hurco CNC website

          Hurco WinMax Control

          Hurco WinMax Control

          Hurco WinMax Feature List

          DXF Scaling: Lets you scale DXF drawings to actual size—you don’t have redraw them or go back to the CAD system.

          FastDraw Graphics Engine: Due to technological advancements, the new engine we use to run the verification graphics is almost seven times faster than the previous version.

          Font Magnification (NC only): Lets you increase the size of any installed font for easier reading.

          Mill Frame with Enhanced Corner Geometry: Lets you define the type of corner, the angle, the length, and/or the radius.

          Multiple Options to Store Tool Probing Results: Lets you store results in Conversational Field, G-Code Length/Radius Offset Tables or Both.

          Program Edit Lockout: Gives you complete control: set the level of access for programs and parameters, including Full Lockout or Partial Lockout.

          Roughing Stock Allowance: Lets you specify stock allowance with or without a finishing operation. If the Z finish allowance is zero, only the walls will be finished.

          Stick Lettering: Mill letters and numbers in quick tool centerline toolpath. Lets you orient the letters at any angle and wrap about a cylinder.

          Tool Life Management: Messages appear in real time to alert you that a tool has reached its maximum cutting time.

          UltiMotion: Patented motion control system that simultaneously reduces cycle time by more than 30 percent and improves surface finish.

          TrueType? Fonts Along a Contour: allows the operator to specify a contour that the lettering blocks will be swept along.

          WinMax Desktop Complete: Has the ability to simulate both the single screen and the dual screen control. Simulates multiple machine modes, including Dry Run, Auto Run, Manual Mode, and Recovery Restart.

          Z Offset Shift: Lets you shift the Z offset without modifying the original Part Z Work Coordinate setting.