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          Sandvik Coromant Catalogue pdf Free Download

          Sandvik Coromant is the world leading provider of metal cutting tools, tooling solutions?to the metalworking industry.?Sandvik Coromant has 8,000 employees and is represented in 130 countries.
          Sandvik Coromant offers world class products for turning, milling, drilling and tool holding.
          Sandvik Coromant provides tooling solutions for the following industries,

          Sandvik Coromant Catalogue pdf Free Download

          Sandvik Coromant Catalogue pdf Free Download

          • Automotive
          • Power Generation
          • Die & Mold
          • Composites
          • Small Part Machining
          • Aerospace
          • Medical
          • Wind power

          Sandvik Coromant provides freely downloadable catalogs?for tooling solutions.

          Sandvik Coromant Catalogs

          Download Sandvik Coromant Catalogues

          Turning tools – General turning

          Catalog Contents: CoroTurn? XS, external?/internal tools for small part machining,?CoroCut? MB, internal tools for precision machining, Holders for external/internal machining,?Small part machining External/Internal.

          Product families: CoroCut 1-2, CoroCut 3, CoroCut XS, CoroDrill Delta-C, CoroMill 316, CoroMill 327, CoroMill 390, CoroMill 790, CoroMill Century, CoroMill Plura, CoroThread 266, CoroTurn 107, CoroTurn 111, CoroTurn TR, Coromant Capto, T-Max, T-Max P.

          Turning tools – Threading

          Catalog Contents:?Choose your pitch and size of insert. If possible choose a multipoint insert for better productivity. Choose your geometry, grade and type of infeed. Detailed recommendations. Selection of tooling system and type of holder.

          Product families: CoroCut XS, CoroThread 266, CoroTurn 107, Coromant Capto, T-Max, T-Max P, T-Max Twin-Lock, T-Max U, T-Max U-Lock.

          Turning tools – Tooling systems

          Catalog Contents:?Coromant Capto? Tool holder overview,?Manual clamping units,?Automatic clamping units,?Boring bar adaptor,?Extension/reduction adaptors,?Coromant Capto? short adaptor for exchangeable head,?ER collet chuck adaptor,?Tap adaptor,?Spare parts and accessories.

          Product families: CoroMill 316, Coromant Capto, HSK, T-Max, Varilock

          Turning tools – Parting and grooving

          Catalog Contents:?Parting off, grooving, profiling and turning Inserts,?External/internal tools/Inserts,?Other systems for parting and grooving.

          Product families: CoroCut 1-2, CoroCut 3, CoroCut XS, T-Max.

          Source:?Sandvik Coromant Catalogs